The In-SCARE-itance

Escape Room

Bookable ONLY October 15 - November 3rd


Tell me about The In-SCARE-itance

PREMISE: [Creepy Halloween Theme] Turns out Grandma had a very twisted side.  Nobody knew, until the day she murdered Grandpa.  His crime? He entered her forbidden attic room. There she kept all her secrets from him--and everyone else.  The gory crime scene has been left untouched for years. Today the old house is scheduled to be demolished. Now you've learned that she was secretly wealthy!  She stashed millions in cash and jewelry. Can you find it before the house comes tumbling down? Do you have the stomach to try?

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: The In-SCARE-itance is normally called “The Inheritance”. But for Halloween, we’ve creeped it up a bit. From October 15 thru November 3, this room is NOT for children or the faint of heart. Do NOT book this room unless you want to be creeped out. Gameplay is fairly easy, but your pulse will still be racing!

PRIVATE OR MIXED: This room can be played with as few as two people and as many as eight. If you book fewer than eight, you may find other groups joining yours to fill the room. If you don't like strangers, bring more friends or make it private by booking all the tickets. Tickets 7 and 8 are free when booked all together!

PRICING DETAILS: The In-SCARE-itance has a maximum capacity of 8 people and a minimum of 2 people.  Tickets 1 thru 6 cost $25 each.  Tickets 7 and 8 cost nothing (when booked all together).  In other words, save by booking a larger group.  The discount is automatically applied at booking.