Frequently Asked Questions


+ Is there an AGE LIMIT?

Yes - please read: Games are designed for ages 16 and older. Puzzles, riddles, clues and combinations require a mature level of logic and reasoning skill. Games are NOT designed for CHILDREN.

SHARED ROOMS (you book fewer than 3/4 of the room and possibly share the room with others):

--Each group must include at least one ticketed adult in the room. --Ticketed children between ages 12 and 17 will be admitted but MUST be accompanied by a paying adult in the room. Children under 12-years-old will only be admitted in a Private Room.

PRIVATE BOOKINGS (you book 3/4 or more of the tickets in a room):

--Every booking must have at least one ticketed adult in the room. --Guests of any age will be admitted in a PRIVATE booking. --May not exceed the stated maximum capacity of the room.

+ What is an ESCAPE ROOM?

An Escape Room is a real-world interactive form of entertainment based on escape games created in Kobe, Japan. A group of up to 16 players will be "locked" in a themed room with a series of problems to solve. With a 60 minute time limit, you must work as a team to solve problems, find keys, and decipher codes that will help you achieve the ultimate goal of escaping the room.

WHY? Because it's FUN! A fresh alternative to bowling or movies when you want to have fun with friends, coworkers, or family. See how others work under pressure, and learn how good people are at communicating.

+ Do we need to ARRIVE EARLY?


Please plan on arriving 15 MINUTES before your scheduled start time. That will allow time for you to sign in, use the restroom, and receive instructions. We will take you through an orientation to the game, explain the rules, and set the scene. Then the game will start at the scheduled time or earlier if possible.

Remember to allow time to find The Zone and PARKING. Downtown Tempe is sometimes congested with parades, festivals and other events. Please plan accordingly.

If you do not arrive on time, we may have to deduct time from your game in order to maintain the schedule which affects the group following yours.

+ How do I BOOK A ROOM?

All bookings are completed online and full payment is due at the time the booking is made. Just click the "Book Now" button, choose the room, date, time and number of guests. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We cannot handle cash payments on site.

You may also call our booking office at 480-666-5550 for assistance.

Be aware that "walk up" appointments will be scheduled into available vacancies if staff is available. For more reliable bookings, please plan in advance. Up-to-the-minute availability is shown on our booking site.

+ How much does IT COST?

The individual ticket price is $25 per person.

Full-room bookings for Private Groups (corporate, family, birthday, etc) can be booked at special discounted rates (just book all the spots in a room):

  • Rush Hour (4 person max): $75
  • Inheritance (8 person max): $150
  • Jail Break (8 person max): $150
  • The Island (16 person max): $300

We also run a rotating promotion, one room at a time, in which all tickets in the featured room are reduced to just $20 per person. For example, Jail Break may be discounted for three weeks and then Rush Hour for another three weeks, etc. The Featured-Room discount will be automatically applied at booking.

+ How do I use a PROMO CODE?

The steps for using promo codes are the same regardless of where the code came from.

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PURCHASED A GROUPON, don't bother. Just call our booking office 480-666-5550 and we will gladly give you the "groupon price" without the hassle. AND you are welcome to use that discount for ANY of our rooms (not just for The Inheritance room).

If you have already purchased a GROUPON to use in your booking, be aware that it may ONLY be used for The Inheritance.

We do run a rotating "featured room" discount, which reduces individual tickets to just $20 each for the featured room. This promo will always be posted on our website. No promo code is needed. The discount will be applied automatically at booking. Just book and save.

We also run various promotional codes from time to time, such as on holidays. Those will also be found on our website. Sometimes you may be able to find a Groupon code (but you can easily call us instead). And sometimes we give promo codes as prizes through various organizations, events, or as bounce-backs for customers.

To use ANY promo code, click the BOOK NOW button on our website and enter all of the required information to make a booking reservation. When you reach the last screen where you are asked to enter your credit card information, you will see a link just to the right of the Credit Card Number box that reads, "Click here to redeem a Gift Card / Promo Code". Click that text and a box will open up where you can enter your promo code then click Apply. The appropriate discount will be applied.

There is no discount code needed to reduce the cost of a "full-room". The 20% discount is automatically applied at booking.

+ Will we have the room to OURSELVES?

In all bookings, if you book fewer than 3/4 of the tickets in a room, there is a chance you will be paired with other guests to fill out the room.


You can simply book ALL of the tickets in a room and get an automatic discount (you'll only pay for 3/4 of the tickets), and have the room all to yourselves!

For all bookings in THE ISLAND, please read the next FAQ for specific details.

+ How many people at a time can play "The Island"?

The Island is designed as a 16-player game. It CANNOT be played with fewer than eight people or more than sixteen people.

Booking of The Island is done "European Style" which means that you will never be mixed with strangers. You can book anywhere from EIGHT to SIXTEEN people, and the remainder of the spaces will automatically be blocked out. If you book fewer than sixteen slots, YOU may add additional players to your booking at any time up to the maximum sixteen slots, by calling our booking office at 480-666-5550. There will be no additional charge for players #13-#16.

+ HOW MANY people can be in a room at a time?

The MAXIMUM number of players per room is:

  • The Island = 16 max.
  • Jail Break = 8 max.
  • The Inheritance = 8 max.
  • Rush Hour = 4 max.

Each room also has a MINIMUM capacity. Because of the nature of the rooms, groups of fewer than the published minimum will be unable to play the room. This is because of the physical cooperation required among players.

The MINIMUM number of players per room is:

  • The Island = 8 min.
  • Jail Break = 4 min.
  • The Inheritance = 2 min.
  • Rush Hour = 2 min.

+ What if we GET STUCK and need HELP figuring out the puzzles?

We will be monitoring your progress throughout the event using video cameras in the room. You will receive hints and clues from your "Game Master" to nudge you along. Clues and help are delivered differently in each game. You'll figure it out soon enough. :-)

In The Island, the Game Master is actually a live actor INSIDE the room with you, working as a "guide". We want this to be a fun and successful experience for everyone.

+ Can I take PICTURES or VIDEOS?

NO pictures or videos are allowed inside the rooms at The Zone.

You may leave your phones in your pockets or you may leave them in one of the lockers provided (along with backpacks, purses, jackets, etc). What happens at The Zone should stay at The Zone (except stories of the fun you had). We don't want anything to get out that could ruin the fun for someone else. That would be kind of like telling people the ending of a movie.

We will be happy to take a picture of your group after the game, using your camera, so you can share it.

+ Will we really be LOCKED IN?

Fire code does not permit us to actually lock you in. Each room has an Emergency Exit button which will open the door at any time. If you leave, however, the clock will be NOT be stopped -- the game will continue without you. You can return when you're ready. If you have a personal situation that requires you to leave the room, we will be happy to assist you.

+ Are tickets REFUNDABLE? What about RESCHEDULING?

No, all sales are final. Cancellations are not permitted and no refunds will be extended.

However, you may RESCHEDULE your appointment, at no cost, if you call at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment. Call: 480-666-5550.

If you need to reschedule your booking less than 24 hours in advance, a $5 per ticket rebooking fee will be charged (maximum $20 per group). Call: 480-666-5550.

+ What happens if I show up INTOXICATED?

You will need your full mental capacity to play the game. We don't enjoy fixing a bunch of broken props. And other players don't want to put up with intoxicated strangers in their game. So, if you appear to be intoxicated, you will be asked to bow out and will not receive a refund. Please party AFTER playing at The Zone.

+ Is the facility HANDICAP ACCESSIBLE?

The Zone is located in the basement of an older building, nine steps down from the surrounding area. Our newest room, The Island, is UP seventeen steps. Guests who are able to navigate those stairs will be capable of playing any of the games at The Zone (possibly with some limitations).

+ What is offered for corporate or TEAM BUILDING exercises?

We LOVE to host corporate teams.

With the addition of our newest room, "The Island," we can accommodate a total of 36 people at once (across four rooms). Larger groups will be booked in back-to-back sessions.

For assistance in booking, especially if you have a large group, please call our booking office M-F 9-5. (480-666-5550)

The Zone provides a great team building experience!

+ Do you sell GIFT CARDS?

Absolutely! Click HERE

Or look for the GIFT VOUCHERS link under the MORE tab in the header of this website. You can give a gift card for any dollar amount you decide. An email confirmation and GIFT CODE will be sent to YOU. The GIFT CODE can also be sent by email to the RECIPIENT if you provide their email address. The code will act like cash-on-account. The user can use the code on one or multiple bookings until the total value has been used up.

+ Will we have to sign any kind of WAIVER?

Yes, we require each adult who participates in the games at The Zone (and parents of minors) to sign a waiver acknowledging the risks involved and agreeing to respect the property and other players (among other things). See the WAIVER under the MORE tab in the header of this website if you would like to read it before showing up for your game.