Jail Break Escape Room


Tell me about Jail Break

PREMISE: A vacation in Central America goes very wrong when you are thrown in the clinker for something you didn't do. You could rot before anyone finds you. Your only chance is to break out while the guard is at lunch. Clues seem to be everywhere but will it be enough? The clock is ticking.

WHAT'S DIFFERENT: Players are divided into two groups and locked inside jail cells but must cooperate to get everyone out. Cooperation and communication are crucial. As is thinking outside the box (bars).

PRIVATE OR MIXED: Because the players will be divided into two groups in the beginning, it is necessary to have a minimum of four players (two in each cell). You can book up to eight spaces (tickets 7 and 8 are free when booked all together).  If you book fewer than eight, you may find other groups joining yours to fill the room. Just like in a real jail.  :-) 

PRICING DETAILS: Jail Break has a maximum capacity of 8 people and a minimum of 4 people.  Tickets 1 thru 6 cost $25 each.  Tickets 7 and 8 cost nothing (when booked all together).  In other words, save by booking a larger group.  The discount is automatically applied at booking.