Here's How It Works


Step-by-step How-To:

  1. Click the "Gift Vouchers" link AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

  2. YOU decide the dollar amount you want to give.

  3. Click CONTINUE.

  4. Enter YOUR OWN contact information.

  5. Enter the RECIPIENT'S information (the person you're giving it to).

  6. Click the little box directly below "Recipient's Information" to enter their email address IF you want the gift voucher to be emailed directly to them.

  7. If you do NOT enter the recipient's email address, the gift voucher will be emailed ONLY to YOU and it will be up to you to decide how you want to give the code to them (maybe written in a birthday card, for example).

  8. Enter a personal message that will be included in the email to the recipient (i.e. "Happy Birthday - Love, Grandma").

  9. Click CONTINUE.

  10. Enter your Payment Information.



  1. Emails will be sent to you (and optionally to the recipient of your gift).

  2. This email will contain an 8-character code (for example: "QWXZT8P").

  3. You may want to buy a greeting card at Walmart on which you can write all the pertinent information (mainly "The Zone Escape Rooms" and the code you received) if you want to give a "tangible" gift card.

  4. When the recipient (user) wants to book an event at The Zone Escape Rooms, they will go through the normal booking process online or over the phone and then enter the voucher code they received from you. 

  5. Applying that code will pay all or part of their booking (depending on the amount you gifted).

  6. If they use less than the full amount of the gift, our system will keep a record of any amount remaining.  The recipient can use that same code multiple times until the full amount has been spent.